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Meeting People Is Easy...
Written by Cotter   
December 07, 2013 13:50

Hola, amigos y amigas, and welcome to the insansity of Meeting People Is Easy.

True to form, this week I've put together what I feel is a very strong lineup of internet commentators for you - gentlemen AND scholars alike.

Your panel is as follows...
1) Nick
2) Shawn
3) Sean
4) Doug
5) Mike
6) Mike
7) Rich
8) Me

And, of course, this is the part where I reiterate that if you ever wanna come off the bench and sub in, feel free to hit me on Twitter or over email.

Now, without further ado...

Click to enlarge...
Thanks so much again to this week's panel of internet deviants!

I can only hope that the Steelers put in as solid of a performance tomorrow as you all did here.

And on that point - don't forget to hit up the preview right here.

Less than 24 hours until impact, you guys.


Get your gameface on, your towel out, and your mind right.


Ryan Tannehill is on notice.


Here we go.

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