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They Are Who We Thought They Were...
Written by Cotter   
December 16, 2013 10:25
Judging by the not-so-subtle waning interest I noted last week, plus the fact that I didn't post it until early Sunday afternoon, I'm sure a grand total of three of you read the Bangles preview.

But if you had, this is what you would've read...

Potential self-aggrandizing aside, all I'm saying is - just because the Steelers couldn't pull it together in order to sneak into January, that doesn't mean they're going to flame out, especially not when it comes to a Sunday night home game against the division-leading Ben-gals.


And so it went.

At no point in the evening did the Bengals have the lead, and the Steelers scored more points in the 1st quarter than the Bengals ultimately did all night.

The entire game actually might have been summed up by Cincy's Kevin Huber getting uber-annihilated on Antonio Brown's magnificent punt return TD.


Vince Lombardi once said, "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."

So, if you follow that logic, and measure character by mettle, you have to at least feel good about the Steelers' character.

It may not always translate into success on the football field, but character is the x-factor behind pretty much every Champion in sports history.

No one wins it all without the ability to get back up, dust themselves off, forget whatever happened or whatever is happening, and keep moving forward time and again.

And while the Steelers may not be headed for anything close to a championship this season, at least they have shown at various points that - despite being down to a third string Center who wasn't even on the team in August - they've still got fire in them.


Maybe that's not as encouraging to you as it is to me, but talent is everywhere in the NFL.

What separates the wheat from the chaff is that burning desire to show the man across from you who's boss, every single week.


And the Steelers still have plenty of men who are hungry to do just that.


Now, there's really nothing exciting to play for next week either.

But you bet your ass I'm going to be cheering the Steelers as if there was.

Hoping that the team loses out for draft position is just sad.

Shipping up to Wisconsin for a meeting with the Pack in 19-degree weather next Sunday.

Matt Flynn better enjoy his dramatic victory over the Cowboys while he can, because he/Aaron Rodgers are officially on notice.


Good game, good effort, good victory yesterday.


Here we go.

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